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15 Jul 2019
Giants Thuja plant in Nanjil Nursery

Tips for Buying South Indian Plants

When you go to buy nursery plants online for your garden, you may find out three categories of plants- the First one is balled-and-burlapped, the second one is bare-root, and the last is container plants. Now we are specifying each one particularly.


16 Jun 2019
Ayiram Katchi

How to Grow a Coconut Plant in Tamilnadu?

If you have access to a fresh coconut, you might think that it would be fun to grow a coconut plant, and you would be right. Growing a coconut palm tree is easy and fun. Below you will find the steps for planting coconuts and growing coconut palms from them.


20 May 2019
Planting Services Nagercoil

How to Start a New Hybrid Coconut Plantation

There are a number of important stages when attempting to set up a successful coconut plantation. Now, a lot of people may think: “What’s so difficult? Just look for a germinated coconut, dig a hole, and plant it!” Well, that method may work if all you want is a coconut tree, or if the coconuts are meant to be ornamental plants.