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DxT – Dwarf x Tall

This is a unique short variety coconut tree, which gives a yield up to 350 nuts per year. The size of the nuts looks similar the size of COD but green in color with slight yellow shade, after dehusking the nut weights 600 grams at an average it gives maximum of 45 nuts in a single branch when the maintenance is good. Lifetime of this variety is 45 years average.


In result of the flower of Yazhpanam (Tall) variety mixes with COD (Dwarf)flower naturally by honeybees this pollination happens and that results in forming a new breed D x T, however the productivity is very less in natural pollination. In order to meet the demands, we follow the same procedure by manually mixing the flowers to bring productivity, and we would like to clarify this is not a genetically changed breeds, this is a natural variety which gives the maximum. Yield as of coconut tree is concerned.


TxD – Tall x Dwarf

This is one of the Hybrid Tall Variety Coconut saplings. On an average it bears about 300 seedlings. The average life span of the plant is about 50-55 years. The coconut weight is about 800gms on a average. The coconut can be used for Copra as well as tender coconut. The height of the plant will be about 50 – 60 feet. This variety is produced when the Flowers from dwarf plant (Chawaghad Orange Dwarf) gets cross pollinated with the tall variety (West Coast Tall). In this case the West Coast Tall acts as the Female and the Chawaghad Orange Dwarf acts as the Male.


There are two ways of cross pollination one is done by honeybee, and the other done by us manually to meet the demands of the seedlings. The nuts which is used for growing the saplings are from 25 to 40 years old healthy plants. The spacing to be considered while planting the sapling should be 25*25 feet between each plant. The pit must be 2.5*2.5 in depth and width.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    For an acre around 70 Native Coconut saplings can be planted with a spacing of 25*25 feet. 90 Hydrid Dwarf variety saplings can be Planted with a spacing of 20*20 feet.

    In Nursery garden then will be two types of saplings which will be kept for sale apart from variety. Saplings in Potted Packets which will be well rooted has lesser percentage of failure, while the Naked saplings which are plucked from ground needs some care to be taken to reduce the failure rate.

    Most of the Tall Varieties has good oil content in the range between 65 – 70 %.

    An adult coconut needs 70 -100 liters per day. This can be split up and the tree can be water once in 3-4 days’ time.

    Price of Hybrid varieties will be higher as it starts yielding faster and due its lesser availability in market. Native variety is usually cheaper in price due to its larger product. The exact price depends on the current market situation. Feel free to contact us for the price.

    On an average we get from 150 -200 Fruits per year. Dwarf and Hybrid varieties produces larger number of fruits than the Native variety.

    It is important to have the Ph and Nitrogen levels of the soil to be good. When there is a deficiency the soil has to be tested and has to be fertilized accordingly.

    Sunlight and Spacing are two important aspects to be considered while planting a sapling. A coconut tree requires good sunlight for its growth and for good yield.

    Usually Hybrid variety requires water frequently, but Native varieties require lesser water and can withstand moderate drought as well. It is important to have soil around the tree to be moist but do not soak.

    Dwarf varieties are usually shorter in stature (Chowghat Orange Dwarf, Malaysian Yellow Dwarf, Malaysian Green Dwarf, D*T, Ramganga). The grow to a height of 25 -30 feet.