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Should I fertilize a newly planted tree?
No it’s required to Fertilize a sapling when it is planted, first root stimulator has to be given which will help the tree to grown better. Once the tree attains its maturity then it has to be fertilized so that it flowers well and gives better yield.

Do you plant trees?
Yes it’s one of the main services we offer to our clients irrespective of their location.

When should I Fertilize?
The best time to fertilize is at the end of summer season when there is lesser shrubs in the farm, else all the shrubs will pick up the fertilizer and the tree will not get enough as intended.

Do you offer tree removal service?
No we don’t offer tree removal service.

When is the best time to plant?
It depends on the type of plants, Fruitial and Timber plants are mainly planted during monsoon season during which less maintenance effort is required for the saplings to grown. Flowering and Ornamental plants which are grown at garden can be planted throughout the year.

Which are the best indoor plants?
Here are some of the best indoor plants which helps in air purification enhances the living environment Spider Plant, Bird’s Nest Fern, Peace Lilly, Snake Plant etc.

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Yes you can call us anytime for garden related queries we can fix an appointment and discuss on the same visiting your garden.
Yes, we do wholesale and retail business of Flowering Plants, Ornamental Plants, Fruitial Plants, Timber Plants etc.

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