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Contract farming is a revolutionary concept that encourages people to take up farming. With our rich repertoire and experience in horticulture and farming, we promise to handhold every person who intends to venture into agricultural farming. If you’re moving to or living in a different country, city, or town, or are a local with no time for farming, contact Nanjil Nursery for professional contract farming services in Tamil Nadu.

Who Needs Contract Farming Services?

  • Kanyakumari natives who have moved abroad or to another city but have purchased farming land in Kanyakumari.
  • Young professionals who are interested in agriculture but don’t have the technical know-how or time for farming.
  • Seasoned landowners who are old and do not have the energy to practice full-time farming.

What Services Do We Cover?

We cover the a to z of farming, including sourcing the perfect agricultural land, identifying water sources, identifying crops suitable for the soil, supplying seedlings and saplings, carrying out cultivation, harvesting, and managing farm yield transport.

We handle the entire process systematically and scientifically, thereby creating a holistic and organized transparent system and ensuring maximum profit for all stakeholders. Call +91-99654 49862 to learn more about our contract farming services in Tamil Nadu.

Here’s a complete description of our contract farming procedure in Tamil Nadu:

Professional Land Sourcing

At Nanjil Nursery, we cover the entire gamut of contract farming services in India, including sourcing suitable agricultural land for clients who do not have existing land. Our experience helps us choose land that’s fertile, ideal for your choice of crop, and yet within your budget. We have a vast network of reliable agents and brokers who can source suitable land at the right price. We identify land, conduct soil tests for fertility, determine water table levels, and study the feasibility for crop cultivation before finalizing the land for a customer. Our team identifies and suggests crops that can provide a good yield based on the soil test. In addition, we help develop barren vacant lands into high-yielding farms for landowners interested in agriculture.

Identifying Water Resource

For a farm to be successful, it is imperative to be self-sufficient in water requirements. At Nanjil Nursery, we identify lands with sufficient water levels, making sure there’s plenty of water resource through lakes, ponds, wells, or even borewells around the land. In fact, we have a dedicated team of experts specializing in this process.

Identifying Suitable Crop for Cultivation

We maximize returns by considering multiple manmade and natural factors, including future demand. We’ll discuss the crop you plan to cultivate and offer an honest opinion about its feasibility. We also suggest ideal crops that are likely to provide maximum yield on the land.

Pit Planting for Soil Fertilization & Moisture Improvement

At Nanjil Nursery, we understand the need to implement pit planting scientifically. In fact, this is the first step in ensuring healthy growth and yield of crops. Our process helps every sapling get ample sunlight, water, fertilizer, and hence, the scope for healthy growth.

Plant Cultivation

Proper cultivation ensures that every crop is planted for optimum yield. Our team understands the nitty-gritty of cultivation, promising maximum output at harvest.

Plant Irrigation

Irrigation is very critical for plant survival. Our team chooses an irrigation method depending on the type of crop planted. For example, some crops might need drip irrigation, others need sprinklers, and some need water beds. We identify the right requirement and make necessary arrangements to provide the right irrigation system.

Fertilizing the Crop

Depending on the client’s fertilizer choice, we provide the best quality fertilizers and pesticides to ensure the best yield.

Crop Maintenance

Our job does not end with planting and fertilizing crops. Every farm needs timely maintenance to keep it free of pests, weeds, and many more elements that can damage the crops or hamper their growth.

Crop Marketing

Agricultural markets are volatile and depend on multiple factors, including weather. New-age farmers do not understand the mechanics of crop trading and hence don’t get the best price for their produce. We can fetch the best market price for your product and even handle the marketing process for you.

Why Consider Nanjil Nursery for Contract Farming Services in Tamil Nadu?

With agricultural scientists like Nammalvar and Subhash Palekar crusading for sustainable agriculture, there’s been a huge interest in farming among the young and educated. But unfortunately, a lot of indigenous knowledge is lost, and these young enthusiasts have little professional guidance. At Nanjil Nursery, we’ve made it our motto to encourage India’s youth to take up agriculture and make agro-entrepreneurship profitable. We bridge the gap between farming and profitability.

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Combining scientific methodology with traditional knowledge to maximize output.
  • Using technology to improve profit – from soil testing to implementing dryland farming methods.
  • Won over 12+ awards for landscape design.
  • Over 1.5 million plants are sold to over 10,000 customers through our nursery.
  • 25+ experience in horticulture, landscape designing, & farming.

We’re a family of environment crusaders taking pride in helping local farmers increase yields and improve their quality of life.


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