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The need for Water Conditioner has become an essential thing as we are using Hard Water in our day to day life. Rainwater in general becomes acidic as it falls through the atmosphere, the acidic rainwater dissolves rocks and acquire Calcium and Magnesium which in turn makes the water harder.

Hard Water causes hard scale to form in agriculture and household pipes, taps, washing machines, geysers, showers, heaters and boilers etc.

On the other hand, in Plants, calcium carbonate deposits found in Hard Water increases the presence of Alkalinity which prevents the water from entering the roots and affects the growth of plants.

To overcome these problems, we have been suggesting our customers to use Electronic Water Conditioner. The Conditioner injects calculated electronic wave which neutralizes the bonding between minerals. This results in the breakdown of large mineral crystals into tiny particles and then prevent them from reacting with other minerals to form scales to deposit on pipes as well from increasing Alkalinity.

Electronic water conditioner service Kanyakumari

Electronic water conditioner service Nagercoil

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Key Benefits of the Service

Water Management is one of our key services and we have successfully installed this Electronic Water Conditioner in many Households and Agricultural farms to many of our valuable customers and have received good results.

Improves the taste of water by 30-40%

  Eradicates alkalinity problem which affects the growth of agricultural crops.

  Helps to remove rust on pvc, hdpe, copper or steel pipe.

  No maintenance easy to install.

  Water pressure unaffected.

  Retains healthy minerals.

 Little space required and safe.

  No Water wastage.