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Star fruit Trees are small trees that are an attractive addition to your landscape. The leaves are small and light green, the blossoms are a dark pink. Be ready for a lot of fruit. The only complaint I've ever heard about Star fruit trees was that there was too many Star fruits ripening on their tree. Star fruits are called Starfruit because when you cut them across the center they are shaped like a 5 pointed star. Different varieties do have distinct flavors. Starfruit are classified as "Sweet" or "Tart", so choose wisely.

Star Fruit plant is an evergreen fruit plant, which is called “Kamranga” in Bengali and it belongs from “Oxalidaceae” family. Scientific name of this plant is “Averrhoa carambola” and it also known as “carambola”. Its fruit is known as Star Fruit and its shape is like star. It is green colored in unripe condition and yellow or orange colored in ripe condition. It is used as fruit, desert and juice.

This type of plant needs enough water for its well growth and regular watering like twice or trice in a week must be need for its growth. Star Fruit plant prefers any type of soil, no choosy in soil. But soil must be well drained; standing water is causing of damage this plant. In growing time, it must be need moist soil especially in Summer season. Very quite amount of fertilizer is preferable for this plant growth.

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