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Sweet lime growing tree of the genus citrus also known as Sweet lemon. Sweet lime grow as perennial evergreen with vigorous thorns. It can grow in tropic, subtropical or mediterranean climate.


Sweet lime trees look much like the Tahiti lime, with serrated leaves and almost wingless petioles. Unlike supermarket limes, the fruit is yellow-green to yellow-orange in color. Actually, if you let any lime ripen, it would be similar in hue, but they are picked before they are ripe to lengthen their shelf life.


Plant sweet limes on the south side of a building where it will get the most warmth and protection from any cold snaps.
Plant sweet limes in the well-draining soil since like all citrus, sweet limes hate wet feet.
A big thing to watch for with sweet lime tree care is temperature.
Sweet limes can be grown in the garden or do nicely in containers as long as the ambient temps are 10 C or more.
Container growing is nice since the tree can be moved to shelter if inclement weather is expected.
Also, hot, hot temperature can also affect your sweet lime.
Be sure to water the tree every 7-10 days if it is in the ground and up to every day if a container has grown depending upon rain and temperature factors.

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