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It is one of the widely Cultivated Guava variety by Indian Farmers and most Consumed Variety in India and Worldwide as it tastes very good with very good yielding capacity.

Taiwan Pink gives you yield almost half the period in a year, it can be grown in sandy soil as well as hard clay type of land. In General, in an acre, 250 to 350 saplings can be grown, but through High-Density farming Practice farmers have grown as many as 900 to 1000 sapling per acre, this, in turn, enables the farmers to generate an income of around 8lakhs per acre. Each fruit weighs around 200-300 grams. The tree reaches around 2.5 to 3 meters in height. Pruning has to be done at regular intervals to encourage secondary branching and for propagation of fruits. Pruning should be done once the harvest is done and the Spring season is the best time to do it. After harvest, the fruit can be stored for 4 to 6 days which supports exports to other countries which is also the reason why this crop is commercially successful. Taiwan pink can also be grown as intercrop inside coconut farms which has larger spacing. The best season for Taiwan Plantation is the month before the monsoon starts. Each sapling should be ground at a spacing of 6 to 8 meters and the pit size should be 1.5*1.5*1.5 feet. After initial plantation, good watering should be done for better formation of roots which serves as the base. Using drip irrigation watering can be done once in 2days.

Characteristics of Taiwan Pink Guava

  • The Flush will be a mixture of White and Pinkish Red.
  • It has less dense seeds.
  • The fruit shape is often referred to as Full Moon.

At our Nursery, we have both Grafted Taiwan Pink and Cloned Taiwan Pink saplings. Fruit of Cloned sapling is larger and bit whitish compared to the Grafted sapling. Grafted Sapling tastes better and more pinkish, but the size is slightly smaller than the Cloned one.

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