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English-ivy is an evergreen climbing plant. The ivy is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant.English Ivy is incredibly versatile in this way, and these robust, beautiful English Ivy will add a look of sophistication to any home or garden.English Ivy, also known as common ivy, or by its scientific name, Hedera helix, is a vining plant that can climb almost any surface.They are most often seen growing on a trellis, or even on the outer walls of a home. They can grow to be 50 feet or even longer, but they get to this length very slowly. The first two years, they will grow what seems to be very little, but by their third year of maturity, their growth rate increases significantly.


The fact that English ivy plants spread quickly means that they could be useful as ground covers for filling in hard-to-plant spots in your landscaping. Their aggressive nature suggests that they could be effective allies against erosion on hillsides. At home indoors or out, English ivy does well planted in containers or baskets where its trailing vines can hang down. Ivy will need protection from winter winds as well as the hot summer sun, so plant appropriately.


Water the plants freely during growth.
Keep English Ivy houseplants moist in the summer.
Avoid hot sun and winter winds.
Spraying English Ivy with soft water weekly will help prevent spider mites from infesting the plants.
Look for the insect attack (Aphids, mealybugs, caterpillars) and apply general insecticide.
Ground covers may be trimmed on the edges with a spade or shears.

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