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Well, growing Henna at home is easy and simple. Let us look into farming of henna and planting methods.

Henna, Lawsonia inermis, is a small desert tree. But, you can grow the henna plant in your home as well. It is generally an outdoor plant. If you prefer to keep it indoors, then make sure that you place it where there is direct sunlight falling on the plant. This is because the henna plant grows well in hot climate. The effort you put into growing a henna plant will be worth when you consider the benefit of replacing harsh chemicals with natural henna from your garden.


Propagation in Henna Farming will be done through seeds and cuttings.


Henna yield can be expected from the second year and it continues to yield for 25 years. High yielding MH-1 and MH-2 varieties (3-3.5 q/ha) with high quality of the dye. High productivity under the irrigated condition the yield would be around 800 kg dry leaves per acre.

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