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Fishtail palms are wonderful additions to any garden or living space. It can add a tropical island feel effortless.

Caryota palms are bipinnate palms, the only palms that have this sort of leaf anatomy. This more complex leaf arrangement makes for some of the most dramatic and beautiful of all the palm leaves. Each leaflet of a Caryota palm is somewhat triangular in shape, sort of the shape of a fish s tail. Hence the name fish-tail palm.


Fishtail palms can be propagated from seed. To sprout seed, keep it warm and moist in a small pot for 6-8 months. This plants can be propagated using suckers from the base of the mother plant.


Palms grow best when you let their roots fill the pot.
They need soil-based potting compost and should not be re-potted unnecessarily.
They are sensitive to chemicals and will be damaged if you expose them to aerosol sprays.
If you need to treat them with insecticides, be sure what you use is suitable for a palm.
Watering should be done early in the morning if the soil feels dry to touch.
Appy the fertilizer during monsoon and the spring season.

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