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Thuja Green Giant, belonging to the family Cupressaceae is a rapidly growing evergreen hardy tree. It is a hybrid between Western Red Cedar and the Japanese Thuja. This tree is pyramidal to conical in shape. Possessing a vibrant, rich green color, it has a uniform appearance, standing tall at 60-80 feet. When it matures, it can spread to almost 20 feet across. The foliage consists of dark green scaly leaves, arranged in a spray, which grow on horizontal, ascending branches. Fruits, or cones, are oblong in shape, and about half an inch in length. The tree bears green cones, which turn brown on maturity. Highly adaptable, it prefers rich, loamy soils.

This tree, because of its dark, dense foliage is a favorite with landscapers and homeowners, since it makes a real good privacy screen, especially when several Green Giants are planted in a row. It also acts as a barrier to damaging wind gusts.


To grow your own Thuja, pick a nice spot that receives six hours of direct sunlight daily. The soil should be free from any debris, including dead roots and plants. You can improve the nutritional value of the soil by aerating it, and adding manure or peat moss to it. Aerating will allow the soil to drain well. Ideally, plant the tree in spring. If you plant in fall, make sure you plant it at least six weeks before the ground begins to frost over. If you want this tree to act as a privacy screen, plant several of them, 5 feet apart from each other. Be sure to keep the soil moist as long as the tree is young. Irrigate deeply, such that the water penetrates all the way down to the root level. Newly planted Green Giants need sufficient water, so avoid planting during droughts.

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