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Arjuna is a large, evergreen tree, with a spreading crown and drooping branches. In Indian mythology, Arjun is supposed to be Sita's favorite tree. Native to India, the tree attracts lot of attention because of its association with mythology and its many uses. Arjuna is a large, evergreen tree, with a spreading crown and drooping branches. Grows up to 25 m height, and the bark is grey and smooth. Leaves are sub-opposite.

Flowers are small, white, and occur on long hanging recemes. Fruit is 2.3-3.5 cm long, fibrous woody, glabrous and has five hard wings, striated with numerous curved veins. Flowering time of the tree is April-July, in Indian conditions.


It can easily be propagated by seeds. before sowing the seeds soak them in water for 2 days. Sow the seeds 1 inch deep in well drained and fertile potting mix. Use 2 seeds per pot. water the seeds regularly. transplant the seeds after 8-9 months in the main field.

Transfer the seedling to well-drained loamy soil after about three months. Choose a spot with full sun exposure. Gently remove the Arjun's root ball from the pot. Dig a hole deep enough for the root system and twice as wide, carefully spreading out the roots of the plant with your fingers. After that water, the plant regularly until it establishes.


Select an area with dappled sunlight or partial shade for planting this plant.
Keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged.
Allow the soil to dry between waterings.
Choose a spot with full sun exposure for a mature plant.
Apply an organic fertilizer according to the plant need.
Prune the plant every year to maintain the shape and size of the tree.
Prune the damaged and diseased branches.

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